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Letter Mold for Sticky Pal

Letter Mold for Sticky Pal

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Elevate your crafting game with our Blue Silicone Mold for 3D Letters. This versatile mold enables you to effortlessly create stunning three-dimensional letters that will bring your projects to life. Unlock a world of creative possibilities and add a touch of depth and dimension to your crafts. (StickyPal not included)

Easy Letter Creation: Our blue silicone mold simplifies the process of creating 3D letters. Simply pour in the material, let it set, and pop out beautifully formed letters with ease.

Versatile Design Options: With the 3D letter mold, you can craft personalized messages, names, or initials for various projects. Explore different materials and colors to customize your creations to suit any occasion or artistic vision.

Enhance Craft Projects: The 3D letters you create using our mold will add depth and visual interest to your crafts. Whether you're designing greeting cards, home decor items, or party decorations, these three-dimensional letters will make your projects stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Create 3 simple steps:

1. Place the color stick in the Sticky Pal

2. Pour the glue inside the letter of choice

3. Wait for it to cool down and you're set to go!

Product size: 11.26 x 6.6 inches

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