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Wood Carving Drill Bits

Wood Carving Drill Bits


The Right Drill Bit for Every Woodwork!

Every woodworker knows that choosing the right tool is key. That's why we've developed the ideal set of bits just for you!

With 6 sharp bits, this kit enhances your woodworking experience, ensuring seamless and remarkable results. Unleash your full potential with the right tools and witness the transformative power they bring to your craft.

Meet Your Different Carving Needs!

  • More Choices, Better Results

    With a diverse range of bit shapes, our set offers an array of options to ensure superior results. Whether you desire fine lines, deep strokes, sharp cuts, or a flawlessly smooth surface, our collection empowers you to achieve all that and more!

  • High Quality

    Forged from High-Speed Tungsten Steel, the BITS guarantee lasting durability as they accompany you throughout your woodworking endeavors. What’s more, their anti-corrosion and heat-resistant properties eliminate the need for frequent bit.

  • Sharp Tips

    Thanks to the razor-sharp tips of our bits, achieving deep and precise strokes becomes effortless, allowing you to create intricate details. Say goodbye to the need for extra force.

  • Versatility

    Not only are the bits perfect for woodworking, but also perfect to engrave challenging surfaces. Their high quality will allow you to work on hard surfaces such as metal, bone, gemstones, and more. At the same time, these bits are gentle enough to leave clean traces on delicate surfaces like plastic and leather without causing any damage.


Product Information:

Material: Tungsten steel

Shank Diameter: 3/32" - 2.35 mm

Color: Steel

Packing list:

Ball *1

Wheel *1

Peach *1



Umbrella *1

Customer Reviews

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Jane Small

I am very pleased with my Culiau engraving pen. It feels so good in my hand. I don’t have fight against a cable or flex shaft, it feels totally free and easy and I can take it anywhere.
Other engraving pens advertised on Pinterest and FB have stolen videos from the Culiau site so be careful what you buy, cheap copies will not last.
I had questions before I purchased and Customer service replied quickly.
I carved into leather to decorate a knife sheath for my son and finished eye detail on a wooden horse - something I had been stuck on for some time but did it easily with the Culiau pen.

Thank you Culiau Team.


I love this tool ( the customizer) I use it mostly for ingraving my name on my glass art and I have tried it on wood it does exactly like the videos say it does. Now I can sell my big dremel set 😊

Otis Goodlett

A "must have" for every tool that you buy - bought two sets with my first order. They are sharp, straight and true - doing a good job - smooth as butter, once you get the hang of it. I don't know how durable yet, but soon to find out. Sorry, too soon for a picture.

Jacqueline Riley


Margaret Beck


Ellis Philip

Highly recommended exelent/!

Jessica Morris

Everything is super.

Howard Ross


Jacob Larson

Is working

Mark Crawford