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    Unique tools to boost your Crafts. 

    Using smart tools boosts the results, and saves time. 

    I've been around arts & crafts since I was a child. During high-school, I would spend every weekend on my father's workshop (he's a Goldsmith) making "creative jewelry" as he used to say to me...

    Time went by and I was a professional jewelry maker. But that only lasted until I fell in love. I married a Carpenter 15 years ago, but I didn't fell in love with him (just kidding), I fell in love with woodworking.

    He taught me everything, we started our own small business of woodworking projects on demand. I figured out that what I loved most was the wit behind handmade jigs.

    I spent hours using and having fun with dozens of smart jigs made by my husband.

    One day I wonder why there aren't tools like this on the market? Everyone should have access to these tools. That day I got a brilliant idea! Be the biggest tool manufacturer of all time, introducing "smart jigs".

    Well, maybe that was too big but I had almost 0 experience in business and we thought it would be easy.

    We started small, with our ProCorner... We had no experience with licenses, patents, taxes. It's been tough.

    Many people copied the product and we couldn't do anything because we don't have the patents... But we learned along the way and now we're in process of getting patents for our unique jigs.

    We added to our catalog some classic products that are useful and go along with the smart tools.

    We don't manufacture these products by hand though, we use a third-party industry that produces what we design with extremely good quality and price.

    Oh, and my husband, he runs the business!

    Recently we were using a classic rotary tool when we thought, why don't we try to make it smaller and more comfortable?.

    We did it! Designed, ordered samples several times, changed features, and now launched it!

    I hope you can be with us in this journey of making smart and better tools accessible for everyone on the internet.

    I promise an amazing shopping experience!


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    • We do everything with love. If you are not satisfied with something please let us know at support@culiau.com
    Culiau's Address: 312 W. 2nd St #1490 Casper, WY 82601

    60-day money-back guarantee

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