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We are crafters

We decided to build a world where anyone can create amazing piezes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a master. Here, you will find the tools, the hows, the inspiration and, most importantly, peers. People like us who enjoy creating with their own hands. From the artist to the woodworker, anyone can be a crafter with Culiau.

+100.000 Happy Customers

  • Jackson M.

    "I’ve been a woodworker for +13 years and as this was my first online purchase, I was really skeptical about it, but it was a total game-changer, all I did was place the order and it arrived in no time! now I can spend more time in my workshop instead of going to the hardware shop. I’m more than happy!"

  • Laura R.

    "I’m starting my DIY journey, and here I was able to find what I wanted, also if you contact them they’ll answer! I had a lot of doubts about the shipping to my little hometown, but they were so clear about it and the delivery time was better than anyone else I've bought online from so far. Thumbs up to Culiau"

  • Johnatan B.

    "Highly recommend Culiau’s tools, I’ve bought a few, but the customizer really amazed me, I thought it was going to be waay much harder to use but it’s as easy as using a pen, plus I used it on every surface I could think of and it worked as wonders! 10/10."

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Learn how to boost your projects, side by side with our influencers and brand ambassadors, by watching the Youtube tutorials and DIY projects we upload weekly.

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