Q1: What are the functions of the Customizer?

The Customizer isn't just an engraving pen; it's a versatile tool. With the right attachments, which you can find on our website, can not only engrave but also polish, sand, carve wood, and more.

Our Customizer offers a world of benefits:

🌟Personalization: Make your items truly yours with unique designs.

🌟Versatility: Works on wood, metal, glass, and more.

🌟Easy to Use: No advanced skills needed, accessible for all.

🌟Cost-Efficient: Save money by creating personalized items.

🌟Artistic Outlet: Express your creativity effortlessly.

🌟Practical: Handy for various tasks and DIY projects.

Q2: Why should I choose the Customizer over the rotary tools available in the market today?

Choosing the Customizer is a wise investment for several reasons. 

Firstly, it boasts unparalleled precision, ensuring flawless results with every use. 

Secondly, its lightweight and compact design offers unmatched convenience, allowing for effortless handling and maneuverability. Moreover, its affordability sets it apart from other engraving tools, offering exceptional value for money. 

Additionally, its versatility shines through as you can easily customize its functionality by adding various attachments, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks. 

Ultimately, opting for the Customizer can save you both time and frustration in the long run

Q3 What is included in the package?

Here's a comprehensive list of what the package of our Customizer includes:

1 Customizer

1 Carbide burr

1 Hex key

30 Diamond Bits

1 USB-C cable

1 pen cap

1 simplified User Manual – For an in-depth guide, simply scan the QR code located on the last page.

1 Mastery Guide – Accessible as an Ebook. Scan the QR code provided in the User Manual to unlock valuable insights and tips.

Q4: What are the 30 bits used for?

The 30 bits included with our Customizer are a diverse range of attachments designed for compatibility with surfaces where our engraving pen excels, such as wood, metal, glass, and plastic. Within this selection, you'll discover various shapes, including squared bits, pointed bits, ball bits, chisel bits, and a mix of others.

Q5: On which surfaces can the Customizer be used?

The Customizer is compatible with surfaces rated below 4 on the Mohs scale, including glass, wood, leather, metal, plastic, stone, and more.

Q6: Are separate attachments required for the Customizer, or are they included in the package?

The 30 bits included with the Customizer serve as a versatile starting point, enabling effective use across various surfaces. However, for customers seeking intricate engraving on specific surfaces, we recommend exploring our specialized sets of separate bits tailored for those materials. These sets are available on our website and are designed to enhance your engraving experience by providing precision and efficiency on your desired surfaces.

Q7: Where can I get attachments for the Customizer?

Q8: How long does it take to fully charge the tool?

It takes from 2.5 to 3 hours to fully charge the Customizer. Each charge lasts for approximately 2 hours.

Q9: The product arrived, how should I start?

We've got you covered! We've prepared a brief tutorial on how to get started using our Customizer, conveniently available on our YouTube profile. You'll also find a plethora of other helpful tutorials to enhance your experience: Customizer Tutorial

Q10: How long does the Customizer warranty last?

The Customizer warranty is 1 year. For more information, you can read the warranty policy at this link: Warranty Policy

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