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Enhance your Engraving Designs with Precision and Ease 

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Patriot's Pride Stencil Pack

Patriot's Pride Stencil Pack

  • Precision and accuracy for your engravings 

  • No more time wasted on freehand trials and errors 

  • Professional presentation of your work

  • User-friendly: for users of all levels

  • Works with all materials

$26.65$22.2117% OFF - Discount Applied

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Show Your Patriotism with Pro Details

Stop being frustrated by the limitations of your freehand skills. Say goodbye to lack of precision and consistency in your designs!

Thanks to the 4th of July Stencils Pack, you will no longer doubt your drawing skills. With confidence and enthusiasm, achieve your desired patriotic designs in just minutes.

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

1. Place the stencil on the surface to be engraved.

2. Align your drawing and outline the stencil using a pencil.

3. When you are finished, remove the stencil and use your Customizer to engrave over pencil outline.

Enjoy your completed and professional engraving project! 

Set Description

- Pack: 3pcs

- Size: 12x12

- Material: PET White

Go hands-on and create professional designs in just minutes. Simply draw your design and let your creativity flow. Get your Patriot's Stencils pack for $19.99, today only! 

Otis, New Jersey

  • Verified Customer
"Ideal for creating lasting memories! For this 4th of July, I wanted something unique for our annual BBQ party. The stencils and the Customizer allowed me to personalize our backyard decor beautifully. I engraved 'Freedom and Family' on our garden stones, and it was a hit. Everyone loved it, and it felt very patriotic. Such a great purchase!"

Robert, North Carolina

  • Verified Customer

"Absolutely perfect for Independence Day! I used the 4th of July stencils with the Customizer to decorate our family's gathering space. It was not only fun but also added a meaningful touch to our celebration. Engraving '4th of July' on our wooden picnic table turned into a cherished memory. Highly recommend for making special occasions even more memorable!"

Mary, Montana

  • Verified Customer

"The best way to celebrate the 4th! I bought these stencils and the Customizer pen for our Independence Day celebration, and it was the highlight of the day. We engraved stars onto our homemade wooden coasters. It was a creative activity that all our guests enjoyed, and it left us with unique souvenirs from a beautiful day. Fantastic product, easy to use, and perfect for the holiday!"


What is included in the package?

- Package includes 3 pieces
- Size: 12x12
- Material: PET White

How is the stencil used for engraving?

Simply place the template on the surface to be engraved and trace the outline of the design with a pencil, marker or pen (depending on the surface). Once finished, take out the template and engrave with the Customizer over the outline. It's that easy! 

Does it work with the Customizer Engraving Pen? 

Yes, they are absolutely compatible with the Customizer Engraving Pen! 

What protective measures should I take during the engraving process?

Ensure you wear safety goggles to protect your eyes. Additionally, use a dust mask and work in a well-ventilated area to minimize inhalation of any engraving debris. Follow all safety guidelines provided with The Customizer for a secure and enjoyable engraving experience.

What materials are compatible with the stencil?

You can use the stencils on any desired material. 

Is the Customizer Engraving Pen included? 

The Customizer is not included.

Can the stencil be reused? 

Yes, you can reuse them as many times as you want. 

How do I clean and maintain the stencil? 

To clean and maintain the stencil, gently wash it with mild soap and water after each use. Allow it to dry completely before storing in a cool, dry place. 

What are the shipping times?

United States: 3-7 days
Rest of the World: 7-15* days.
*It may depend on your country. check our shipping policies here.