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Mini Vise

Mini Vise

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Hold your crafts strong and secure

The perfect tool for making delicate crafts and repairs. Don’t worry about making mistakes, the Mini Vice will hold the pieces strongly secured in the spot.

The Mini-Vise will help you make fine work in an easy, comfortable, and safe way.

From DIY carving, jewelry, batteries, sculptures, to watches, your imagination it’s the limit knowing your work it’s well handled. 

Why is the Mini-Vise Suction Cup the most helpful tool for your projects?

Culiau is on a mission to bring back the joy of self-expression that might have slipped away in school. Together, let's embark on a journey to reclaim the lost of creativity, and together, we will rediscover the limitless power of imagination. Join us today!

A Whole life Instrument

A high-quality tool made with aluminum alloy equipped with a rotary system that is designed for performing flawlessly on 360° degrees, and it’s able to work up to 50mm wide objects.

A bit for every occasion

Forget about ruining your crafts by mistake, with the suction cup you can hold the mini vise on any surface and it would stay that way as long as you want! 

What woodworkers says

Easy to use comfortably

Super intuitive setup; get it out of the box and start handling your delicate pieces right away.

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