Crafting Joy: 7 Culiau-Inspired DIY Christmas Crafts for a Festive Home

December typically marks a time of celebration and enthusiasm for people all across the world. In every corner of the planet, Christmas is eagerly anticipated and is full of lovely lights, joyful decorations, delicious treats, and of course, bright presents.


Here at Culiau we are sure that there are many ways to enjoy the holidays without spending a fortune, whether you're seeking for something special to give as a present or just want to have some fun crafting Christmas decor yourself.


That’s why we have compiled a list of DIY Christmas crafts that you can do at home this holiday season… with our tools!


So if you’re a Culiau fan, then this is the perfect Christmas article for you. And if you’re not… what are you waiting for?


But… first things first. Your safety is essential for us, so we recommend you use protection glasses and gloves whenever you work on a DIY project.


Now let’s get to it…


Wood burned ornaments

Woodburning is a versatile craft that is surprisingly simple to accomplish and has wonderful visual impact. Sketch a design on some wood slices and then apply heat with a woodburning tool (don’t forget to use heat resistant gloves for safety). You can make ornaments for your tree, or even a beautiful hanging tree!


Christmas Wood Burned Banners

Using wood slices, or any canvas that you can burn, these beautiful banners are Christmas crafts that you can make to hang in your Christmas tree, your walls and doors. Just choose a design and fire away.


Engraved acrylic ornaments

The Customizer is a favourite of Culiau’s users and it’s probably our most versatile tool. You can make art at home this Christmas season by engraving everything you can think of with it. These acrylic ornaments for your Christmas tree are beautiful, and there are no limits to the designs you can engrave.


Personalised tags for presents

Another craft you can do at home using the engraving pen are these fantastic personalised gift tags. You can engrave the name of your guests on any material you want (wood, acrylic, leather, plastic, metal), drill some holes with the Customizer and hang the tags on their presents. You can even write funny messages or Christmas greetings. Anything goes!


Snow Globe ornament

This Christmas craft may seem a little more challenging, but believe us, you can do it at home. You simply need to get a plastic light bulb ornament, a mini tree, glue and coarse glitter. Engrave nice messages on your craft with the Customizer or give them a frosty look. Hold your project tight with our Mini Vise and just get creative.


Engraved Christmas Bracelet

Did you know you can engrave jewelry with our engraving pen? Yes, it’s that versatile. So why not carving bracelets or necklaces for your family and friends? Give them your best wishes with these nice details. Don’t forget to polish your projects when you are done to give them the perfect finish.


Christmas Candle Mason Jar

Can you imagine these beauties hanging everywhere in your home? They are super simple to make and look brilliant in your Christmas tree. Engrave merry messages on the plastic (or even the candles) to give them a lovely Christmas touch.


The Holiday Season is a fantastic time for any DIYer and artist, because it gives them a reason to create. The possibilities are endless, and even so with our tools, which are perfect for any type of art and craft project. Join us by making works of art that will astonish everyone around you.




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Aviva Sawicki Reiss

Thank you, I will be very careful while using the engraving pen, when it arrives.

Aviva Sawicki Reiss

Love the ideas. Thank you for sharing them. I bought the Artisan pen for my granddaughter. I may have to get the wood burner for myself.

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