Empowering The Art Community: Product Donations Spark Creativity and Foster Community Growth

At Culiau, we are not only proud of our wide range of high-quality art tools but also of our commitment to supporting the art community. We believe in giving back, and recently we had the opportunity to do just that by making two product donations to organizations making a positive impact in their communities.

Our first donation went to The Make it Take it, a popular home show in Philly. During the event, they had an engraving class where we donated our Customizer Engraving Pen. We were thrilled to help aspiring artists and crafters develop their skills. Amanda Pluck, who ran the class, said, "Hey it went well, we had a really good turnout! For first-time crafters, they did find the tool difficult to use but that is to be expected with lettering. But they all had fun testing them out!

The second donation was made to a Swedish school, specifically to teacher Helena and her woodworking and art classes. The students were really excited about the donation, as not all of them had the chance to try out these tools before. Helena shared her gratitude, saying, "The students love it. Grade 5, 7, and 9 are so happy, and the new models are much better and stable. We are very thankful for your kindness. Mostly me, that you give my students this opportunity, is absolutely priceless!!

One of the highlights of the donation was the new version of the bits and the little round one, which Helena said opened up many more possibilities. "It's really an amazing light version of a Dremel, and great that I can even use it for the small ones in grade 1. We are so happy and thankful for the possibilities you gave us!"

At Culiau, we are passionate about supporting the art community, and we will continue to find ways to give back. We believe that donating our products to organizations like The Make it Take it and schools like Helena's can make a difference in the lives of aspiring artists and crafters. We encourage others to consider ways they can also give back to their communities and support the arts.

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