10 DIY Thanksgiving Decorations for a Festive Home Celebration

The holiday season offers a special chance to unleash your creativity and flaunt your personal style. For a home decor enthusiast, it’s a dream, because it allows them to exhibit their skills and try their hands at DIY crafts. However, decorating for a Thanksgiving celebration can be particularly challenging.


We've collected some of the best Thanksgiving decorations to create a festive atmosphere for Turkey Day, whether you're hosting a big gathering of family and friends or keeping things simple this year. Just remember to choose a tasty turkey dish, mouthwatering sides, and, of course, pie. Your loved ones and friends will be grateful.

Wooden Pumpkins

With some tree trunk plaques, a vibrant orange paint and some brushes, you can create a magnificent Thanksgiving centerpiece to decorate your dinner table. They will give a rustic look to your give thanks decor.

Rock Place Cards

To add a personalized touch to your fall tablescape, paint some smooth stones, and then use an engraving pen to write the names of your guests. Place them on their plates so that everybody knows where their special place is.

Engraved Turkey

This lovely little friend will have everybody feeling thankful. For this yard sign, you just need an 11 inches tall, 11 inches wide and ½ inch thick wood piece. Paint it brown (or any color you prefer), and then engrave a “Happy Thanksgiving” message on it. Paint the engraved part in yellow to make it stand out. It will look beautiful outside next to some pumpkins.

Autumn leaves mason jar

Decorate your home with seasonal natural beauty. You can make this enchanting give thanks decor with something as simple as a mason jar. Engrave some thankful words in the glass, and then gather some leaves and stick them inside it. Tie raffia string to the top and put a flameless candle inside. They are easy to make but astonishing.

Pumpkin Candle Holders

Transform small gourds and pumpkins into beautiful candle holders. Cut them open at the top and place the candle inside. And there you have another great centerpiece for your give thanks decor. You can even woodburn some details to upgrade them. 

Give thanks engraved jar

To make a visible reminder of all the blessings in our lives, a gratitude jar is a wonderful idea. In essence, it's a place where you can keep everything for which you are grateful. Write it down on a piece of paper and place it in your appreciation jar, whether it's about a specific person, an act of kindness, or an encouraging aspect of your daily life.

Give Thanks Engraved Wooden Pumpkin

This beautiful sign is 13.5 inches tall by 14 inches wide. It’s made of unfinished wood and the phrase 'Give Thanks' carved with an engraving pen, but you can make them any way you want: hand-painted, wood-burned, etc. Display it wherever you prefer with a hinged easel.

Wood banner

source: lollyjane.com

Cut out some wood pieces in any shape you want and write thankful messages on it to create marvelous wood banners. They will lift up the Thanksgiving spirit and make everybody really grateful. This one is painted but you woodburn it with a woodburning pen.

Time in a bottle

By placing a collection of "picture" bottles on a mantel or side table, you may create a glass version of a gallery wall and express gratitude to previous generations. To make them, roll pictures gently, then put them inside different vintage glass bottles. Engrave the names of your special loved ones with an engraving pen for a personalized touch.

Wood Burned Sign

Create this wood burned sign to make your give thanks decoration even more beautiful. On a slice of wood, use a wood-burning pen to write thankful messages to cultivate the gratitude spirit. Everyone will love it.

And that’s all! With these 10 inspiring ideas to decorate your home, you will give thanks in the best way.


We wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving this fall!

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Thank you for sharing these decorative ideas for the upcoming festive season. Each project can add lots to a table or can be given as a gift of thanks to someone dear.


Thank you for all the ideas can’t wait to try some of them just have to order my wood burning set I have the engraver pens

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William Medeiros

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