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    Nylon Wheel Grinding Disc For Customizer

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    Nylon Wheel Grinding Disc For Customizer

    Nylon Wheel Grinding Disc For Customizer

    • Elevate Your DIY Projects 

    • Life-Time Duration

    • Wide Application

    Achieve the perfect finish look for your DIY projects

    These bits will turn your engraving pen into your favourite tool. They'll be your new wildcard!

    The Nylon Discs for the Customizer™ allow you to give your designs an innovative surface treatment. They'll provide auniform, smooth and beautiful effect.

    Be prepared for cleaning, polishing, deburring and removing with only one bit!


    Potency your toolbox like never before!

    These Multi-use Grinding Bits are Perfect for giving your projects a creative decorative effect.

    • Paint Treatment:

      Use your bit to give the surface of the coating your artistic touch and enhance the adhesion of the layer to extend the coating life.

    • Ornamental:

      Give your materials a high-quality appearance. You can reach antique looks or make stainless steel surface decorations. Be creative! 

    Power Up your Projects!

    • Innovative Material:

      This nylon is soft and suitable for processing workpieces of various shapes—water and oil resistance. 

    • Comfortable Use:

      Their anti-clogging effect provides you high-quality performance and a lifetime duration tool.

    •  Surface Variety:

      Use it in wood, metal, aluminium, copper, plastic, stainless steel, and more!

    Product information: 

    Model: Nylon grinding disc [T type] 150#-600#

    Shape: T shape

    Material: Nylon

    Granularity: 150, 240, 320, 600 (mesh)

    Outer diameter: 25 (mm)

    Shank diameter: 2.35,3 (mm)

    Length: 46 (mm)

    Scope of application: polishing of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, marble, furniture, etc.!

    Specifications: nylon grinding disc [T type] 150# (random color), nylon grinding disc [T type] 240# (random color), nylon grinding disc [T type] 320# (random color), nylon grinding disc [T type] 】600#

    Packing List:
    1* Fiber grinding head

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