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    Nibbler attachment for drill

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    Double-head Metal Sheet Cutters

    Product Information:
    Maximum cutting capacity: 3 (mm) // 0.11 (inch)
    Minimum cutting radius: 12 (mm) // 0.47  (inch)
    Power supply type: AC power supply
    Rated voltage: DC12V
    Rated speed: 1500-3000 (revolutions per minute) (revolutions per minute)
    Tool holder round trip times: 3000 (times/minute) (times/minute)
    Cutting feed rate: 3 (m/min)
    Width of cutting residual material: 3 (mm) // 0.11 (inch)

    Silver metal sheet cutter (insert card 460g)

    Red metal sheet cutter (insert card 460g)

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