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Laser measurement distance

Laser measurement distance

Laser measurement distance

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A Professional laser measurement machine in your pocket 

Forget the "measure twice cut once" expression with this precision laser rangefinder. Just place it and press the button and it's done, you have the measures, perfectly accurate and without a walk. 

Multi-purpose: Measure Length, Area, and volume.

Smart time saver: Makes Pythagoras equation with a button. 

Lifetime duration: Best quality materials, built to be water and falls proof.

Carry it anywhere: Perfect for outdoor and indoor jobs.

Work without walk: up to 328 feet (100m) range accurate measures. 

Just focus on your job, this laser will never leave you without your measures, its batteries can be replaced easily and even it can be washed without any problem.

Measurement range of available versions: 
131 ft // 40m 
196 ft // 60m
262 ft // 80m
328 ft // 100m

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