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Customizer™ Set x2

Customizer™  Set x2

Customizer™ Set x2

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Customizer™  Set x2 + Bits + Engraving Mastery Guide for FREE

 Elevate your crafts: 5 minutes customizing your project could make it 10 times better. The easiest way to stand out.

 No skills required: Anyone can use it, but anyway we'll include the Engraving Mastery guide for FREE + 30 bits TODAY!

 Rechargeable Battery: 
It includes a USB cable to recharge it. The battery lasts for about 2 hours of continuous use!

 Extremely comfortable: The ergonomic design, lightweight, and compact size of the Customizer™ make it the best engraving tool. You will have a professional engraving machine in your pocket.  

 We also ship worldwide in 7-15 days for most countries.

 Versatile: Works on wood, glass, leather, metals, and more!

What's included in the package?
2x Customizer™ Engraving Pen
2x 30 Bits Set FREE
Engraving Mastery Guide FREE
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