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    Concealed hinge jig

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    Hinge Hole Locator For Door Hinge Cutter

    Product information:

    Material: stainless steel, plastic
    Number of kits: 8 pieces
    Scope of application: household, woodworking hinge opening installation aid
    System: Metric
    Series: Woodworking Tools
    Features: accurate scale and easy operation
    Purpose: Hinge hole opener, door hinge locator, woodworking hole opener
    The set includes:

    • hinge hole punch main body
    • 35mm // 1.37 inch hole opener
    • two 26mm // 1.02 inch hole limiting aids
    • limiting ring
    • hex wrench
    • five 2mm // 0.078 in drill bits
    • positioning rod

    35mm // 1.37 inch hinge hole locator operating instructions:
    1. Put the hole opener into the bracket and lock the limit ring
    2. Adjust the limit gear, generally 5 gears
    3. Insert the limit rod, generally into the hole on the edge
    4. Clamp the main body with strong pliers, rotate the bracket clockwise to install it on the main body, and start drilling 35mm holes
    5. Replace the drill bit, pass the drill bit through the small hole on the inner side, and drill the screw hole
    6. Take out the main body and clean up the debris
    7. Install the hinge

    Size information:

    The standard weight of the hole opener: 453g/kraft carton packaging.
    22.86 cm // 9-inch C-shaped forceps
    weight: 427g/bulk    //   14oz/bulk
    Packing size: 270*175*60 mm // 10.62*6.88*2.36 in

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