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90 degree square laser level

90 degree square laser level

90 degree square laser level

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Model: BX25

 Laser wavelength: 650 (nm) 

 Accuracy: ±1mm/m

 Power : DC3V

 Dimensions: 200 × 100 × 52 mm // 7.87 x 3.93 x 2.04 in

Right angle grounding instrument

 1. A laser line is emitted on the surface of the object, and the line can be at any angle. Single line, double line operation at a 90 degree angle 

 2. Suitable for woodworking, stair starters, shelves, molding, tile laying or any other work that requires precise alignment. 

 3, double bubble level, for flat or straight precision alignment, recyclable I-beam keeps the line still.

 4. ON/OFF switch device. 

 5. This is a laser square designed for craftsmen. It maintains the characteristics of the original square and outputs two extended 90° right-angle laser chalk lines, which can significantly extend the length of the square. It can also change the angle of the marking according to the angular scale, saving the angle of the angle and the time of the scribing. It is an effective tool for angle lofting. 

 6. With 2 suction cups

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