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The Cold Silence of Nature | Diamond Painting
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Relax, de-stress and begin your journey in Diamond Painting! We present this beautiful artwork, now available exclusively at Culiau® with round and square diamonds. Get started today and enjoy this art with your loved ones. 

This kit contains everything you need to get started today. It's easy to use and requires no experience. Contains: 1x Fabric printed with design chart, 1x Colorful diamonds, 1x Point Drill Pen, 1x Drill Tray, 1x Wax, 1x Tweezers. 

Diamond painting is handicraft that brings together the best of painting, cross-stitch, and mosaic art where small resin diamonds weave together to create marvelous works of art. The perfect DIY Gift for graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. 

Our products, designed in the USA, are manufactured with high quality materials and shipped worldwide. We offer a 60 days free warranty, if you don't like the product we will give you your money back!

What our customers say... 

David, Illinois

  • Verified Customer

"I purchased this diamond painting kit as a gift for my wife, and it exceeded all expectations! The look of joy on her face when she received it was priceless. It made for a unique and heartfelt gift that she will cherish forever. Thank you for helping me create such a memorable and special present!"

Amanda, California

  • Verified Customer

"Diamond painting has become an absolute hit with our family! It's our new favorite activity that brings us all together. The quality of the materials in these kits is top-notch, I must say! They're durable, vibrant, and the price? Unbeatable! The feeling of pure joy and accomplishment we experience with every completed artwork is absolutely priceless."

Jessica, Australia

  • Verified Customer

"It was my first experience with diamond painting and i thought it would be more difficult. It's the perfect starter set. The value is amazing. And the kit comes with everything you need. Happy with my purchase!"

Everything you need to get started!

Use code "BOGO" at Checkout

How to Choose a Canvas Size? 

- The small canvas, ideal for beginners, takes 10-15 hours to finish, but may not show all the details of the design.

- Medium canvases are the most popular, take 15-25 hours to finish and are perfect for any age and skill level. 

- The large canvas is perfect for advanced users, takes 30 to 50 hours to finish and has very accurate colors and details.

Square vs Round Diamonds

- Square diamonds: Creates a more complete painting to the eye. The diamonds fit perfectly into place. 

- Round diamonds: Easy and quick to pick up and apply diamonds. Finished pictures look "less" complete. 

3 Easy Steps to Start Diamond Painting 

Step 1

Unpack canvas, tools and diamonds on a smooth surface.  

Step 2

Unroll the canvas and place your diamonds on the tray. Wax the diamond pen. 

Step 3

Match the diamond with the corresponding symbol. Apply all your diamonds and finish your work. Share it with friends!


We are so confident that the Personalized Diamond Painting Kit will revolutionize the way you make wonderful gifts that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Either make outstanding crafts or simply contact us within 60 days of receiving your kit to make it right at


Do I need experience to get started?

Like any new skill it will not be easy at first, but with effort and practice you will be creating beautiful personalized paintings in no time. 

What's included in the kit? 

1 x Fabric printed with design chart
1 x Colorful diamonds
1 x Point Drill Pen
1 x Drill Tray
1 x Wax
1 x Tweezers

What are the shipping times? How long does it take to customize?

United States: 3-7 days.

Rest of the World: 7-14* days.
It may depend on your country. Check our shipping polices here. 

Does the set have warranty? Is the product good quality?

We have a 60 days money back guarantee in case you don't like the product and want to return it.
Our products are of the highest quality. Designed by ourselves in the USA. 

What type of diamonds does the kit contain? 

You can choose between square and round diamonds. We recommend round for a better grip and square for more advanced users. However, both are easy to use, so stay calm and follow the step by step. 

How long will it take to finish a project?

It depends on the size you have chosen. From 10 to 15 hours for small frames, from 15 to 25 hours for medium frames and from 30 to 50 hours for large frames.