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    Electric Screwdriver Tool

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    Product information:

    Model; 882037
    Power supply type; rechargeable-lithium battery
    Weight; 0.25 (kg)
    Maximum torque; 0.35 (Nm)
    Scope of application; mobile phone computer clock precision maintenance
    Power supply voltage; 3.6
    No-load speed; 200 (rpm)
    Handle type; straight rod type
    Maximum screw diameter; 5
    Rated input power; 5 (w)
    Dimensions; 221*70*35 (mm)
    Specifications; 28 in one

    Packing list Mini Kit:

    Host *1

    0.5m charging cable*1
    Degaussing device*1
    Blue dual-purpose crowbar*1

    Packing list Full Kit:

    Suction cup*1
    Card remover*1
    Screwdriver set*1
    Handle spudger tweezers*1
    Metal spudger*1
    Data cable*1
    Magnetic mat *1
    Warped sheet*4


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