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    Auto feed screw gun attachment

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    Save time, screw smartly.

    Have you ever had to ask someone to help you bring you screws because they didn't have any tools to do it for you?

    The new AutoScrew can make that job easy for you so you can enjoy working quickly and safely.

    - The automatic screw delivery system places screws quickly and accurately.
    - Chain with 50 screws is easy to assemble and operate.
    - It's super easy to get a new chain when you run out of your screws.
    - With screw length and depth indication, you can adjust the screw conveniently.
    - Can be used for nail gypsum board, partition wall, board, ceiling.

    1. Screw Gun attachment + 1 screw chain (50 screws)
    2. 20 empty chain belts with 1,000 holes (no screws)
    3. Chain with screws (includes screws)

    The electric drill is not included.
    The drill switch must be started before the chain adapter can be used.
    If it can not be used smoothly, please check whether the switch is reversed. 



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