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    Hole Cutter Bit for The Customizer

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    Hole Cutter Bit for The Customizer

    Hole Cutter Bit for The Customizer


    Don’t leave your projects halfway through!

    Create the perfect hole using only The Customizer.

    Forget about taking out the super heavy drill just to make a little detail in your project.

    With the Hole Cutter Bit for the Customizer, you won’t have to worry about breaking or damaging your workpiece.

    Use it to create seamless small holes onto any material from glass to eggshell this bit is a must-have in any crafter's toolbox

    Why the Hole Cutter is The Perfect Bit?

    • Save time and space.

      By just snapping the bit in The Customizer.

    • High-Quality Material.

      Made to last a lifetime don’t worry about breaking it.

    • Drill on the go.

      Perfect to carry along your Customizer everywhere you go!


    Product information: 

    Shank Type: 2.35mm

    Drill length (mm): 22

    Complete length (mm): 50

    Material: high-speed stainless steel

    Sizes: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm

    Packing List: 1 Hole Cutter

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