Shipping policy

We are proud to offer worldwide shipping on all orders.
Also, we offer Free Shipping over $80. (Available according to country of destination)

All orders will be processed and dispatched from our warehouses within 2 business days. In peak periods please allow for up to 4 business days for dispatch.


Shipping Times


Please note that below is only the estimated time, based on our past experience and it's not guaranteed, and also, it varies depending on the product you want to order.

  • United States: 3-7 days ( Only for Customizer) / 7-11 (For other Products) - $5.95
  • Canada: 10 - 19 days -  $8.95
  • United Kingdom:  8 - 13 days -  $6.95
  • Europe: 10 - 22 days -  $6.95
  • New Zealand: 7 - 19 days -  $6.95
  • Asia: 3 - 22 days (depending on your country) - $6.95
  • Australia: 6 - 15 days -  $8.95
  • Ireland, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey: 10 - 22 days - $8.95
  • Cyprus, Finland, Malta, Mexico, Philippines, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, South Africa: 10 - 24 days - $14.95
  • Afghanistan, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bolivia, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Caribbean Netherlands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), FrenchGuiana, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Iceland, Jersey, Moldova, Netherlands Antilles, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Republic of, Saudi Arabia, Suriname, Uruguay: 10 - 20 days + 10 days in customs -  $24.99 (Shipping is free in orders over $180)
  • Bangladesh, Cayman Islands, Faroe Islands, Fiji, Gibraltar, Iran, Islamic Republic Of Iraq, Jordan, Oman: 15 - 35 days -  $24.99 (Shipping is free in orders over $230)

*All shipping times exclude clearance/customs delays.

The shipping guaranteed time is 50 days. Receive your order within 50 days or a full refund. (Why that much? Because we use the same policy worldwide, and some countries have a huge delay in their customs department)




Some countries pay taxes for the shipment of international packages (for example India) Culiau does not take responsibility for the amount of taxes to be paid. We take care of the taxes of the US and certain European countries, if you have any doubt please contact us at


Reshipment Policy


Each customer is responsible for providing the correct shipping information. Complete shipping information includes address, city/neighborhood, province/state (if applicable), apartment/house/suite number, zip code, and recipient's name.

If the shipping information provided is incorrect, or the recipient is unable to receive it or to pick it up at their local post office, a reshipment will be required. In that case, a reshipment fee (equal to the shipping costs stated on our shipping policy) will be charged to the customer.

If your address is incorrect, the item will most likely be destroyed at the post office. In that case, we are willing to ship the product back with a 40% discount on the final price.