Wood Smoothing Tools

In this article, you are going to find a guide discovering which are the best wood smoothing tools on the market and with the best price we can offer. 

We are woodworkers, lovers of smooth wood finishes and touch-ups. Read our guide and choose the tool that fits your needs for your DIY projects because sometimes it is difficult to know if we have to sand, scrape or hand plane the wood for a correct finish of our product.


How to Smooth the Wood

When we see professional woodworkers work sometimes we don't know how they get that finishing level or we don't know how to do it ourselves. To get to that level of finesse we must understand how to smooth the wood. To choose the best tools for our wood project we have to be informed to make good decisions, for that we have to understand the nature of the different surfaces different tools produce. There are three ways to smooth wood sanding, scraping, and planing

When we start working on wood sometimes it comes warped, not straight, and very rough, complicating the work so it will be very tricky to get tight joints. For that we smooth wood, if your wood is good you won't have to do this step of smoothing it. With this process the wood end up with a nice length and a nice thickness. Smoothing the wood by hand with wood planes can be tricky if you don't want this job to be complicated you can use a planer and jointer

Types of Wood Smoothing Tools


Using sandpaper is a reliable and traditional way of smoothing wood, the downside about this method is that it leaves a series of uneven grooves all over the board, often leaving little balls of wood grain at the end of the grooves, ripping the edges of the groove of the wood pores and filling them with dust. The best way to get a good finish is to start with a coarser grain and work with increasingly finer grains (higher numbers) to remove scratches and blemishes left by the previous grain. faults

The way it works is that it acts like a series of little pointed scrapers that remove the wood. Contains small particles that scrape away blemishes and scratches.


It's an expensive tool way more than scrapers but it has more functions besides smoothing, like cutting down stubborn cabinet drawers and door frames to create more level surfaces. They are available in various lengths and sizes that's why there are many types of them with different functions.

Planes can flatten and smooth surfaces to the point of perfection, experts recommend first mastering the hand tool and then try to go on with power planers that can do the job much faster. With the hand planes, it will require some practice but the finishes are much better

Files and Rasps

Files are used as a smoothing or sharpening tool, it's used more for metals and tools that are going to work the wood. Rasps are more common for shaping and stock removal tools and in woodworking.

Each of these comes in a variety of different grades that determine the degree of fineness or coarseness. You can find different types of rasps for different tasks.

Wood Scrapers

A hand scraper is nothing more than a thin piece of steel, usually rectangular, with a sharpened edge, or blade that comes in different shapes and sizes, some with a handle and others without it.

Is used to smooth wood faster and achieve superior flatness without scratches, and without dust. Scrapers tend to lose their edge quickly, so be prepared to re-sharpen

What is required to smooth a plank of wood?

To leave a smooth board, use a scraper over the entire surface, this will leave it smooth and flat enough so that all that is needed for a good finish is a light sanding with a grain of 220 or finer, a joiner it's always a nice choice.

Also, you can use a spokeshave that works every time as long as they are sharp. Especially for a tight surface. The card paper or scraper can smooth a corner nicely but for a flat surface a plane is a good option, smoothing planes are not for flatting the board that's a job for the planner to do

How to Choose The Best Wood Smoothing Tool

When you need to smooth wood for your projects, you will realize that many types of tools can do this job. First, you have to know that all of them are necessary and accomplish different kinds of jobs like the planes that smooth the wood, the same as spokeshaves, the joiner and the scrapers that flatten and smooth it, the sandpaper which does an important job but a little sloppy, the chisels, files, and rasps, etc

Now we are going to tell you aspects of what we consider important when you are buying a new tool so you can make a good choice

Size and Weight

truly this point is the size, weight, and materials that are made of. First, size, if it is carryable and easy to use. Smoothing planes that are too big sometimes are useless. The same is for the weight if they are too heavy you will not be able to do the job properly or as fast as if they were lighter. 


Is it the tool that you need? Are you a passionate woodworker? Cause if you are not, probably, your investment in a good tool for your shop will not make the revenue that you expected. Buying a wood smoothing tool you make sure your woodworking projects have great quality and finishes like an expert woodworker 

Useful Life

At this point, we are going to approach the material parts if they are going to be long-lasting or a bad purchase. Culiau Store offers quality products for your wood projects. So if you choose to buy with us your next smoothing tool you are not going to regret it

Buying a good shoulder plane will accompany you for the rest of your life and it will be really helpful.

The Best Wood Smoothing Tools and Deals

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3 Ways of Smooth Wood Without Sanding

Woodworkers never go out of sandpaper but sometimes this mystical event happens and better be prepped with these backup techniques. We are going to show you some easy and exotic methods to smooth wood that could result in interesting finishes without sanding or tools. 

#1 Wood Shavings

This trick will be very helpful and may change your way of finishing the wood. It's easy and very effective to just take a handful of wood shavings of your planner and rub them over the wooden surface. Try to move along the grain of the wood and apply pressure while you polish it. It won't take long to see how the shavings smooth the wood. Take care that it can damage your wood surface if you don't do it carefully so watch out.

#2 Corn Cubs

We have to spread the crushed corn cubs on top of our wooden surface. You can get corn cubs in hardware stores, this method won't achieve a good finish as the next one but get the job done smoothing the surface after rubbing it for a while.

#3 Walnut Shells

This one's my favorite, easy to use, amazing smooth result and it polishes the wood as we wanted. It's a little hard to get, and you have to clean it, which is a bit tedious.

This method gets the job done exactly as with sand and it's not very expensive. Just spread a thin layer of walnut shell on the wood surface and use a piece of leather to rub the wood with it

Wood project with Sanding Tools