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    How To Make A Spooktacular Halloween Jack-O-Lantern In 5 Easy Steps

    There’s no season like the spooky season.

    Halloween is one of the best days of the year, and that’s why we want to teach you how to make a wooden Jack-O-Lantern with some basic tools so that you can decorate your house and make it the scariest in the neighbourhood.

    Anybody can do it! Want to know how? In a moment I will tell you all about it.

    But first, you will need…

    ¾ or ½ inch (1,9 cm or 1,20cm) Plywood

    Tree Branch

    Mini Table saw

    Jig Saw


    Nail gun

    Now, let’s get to work!


    1) Cut the wood

    First, trim the board to 18 inches (46cm) tall, more or less. Cut 2 pieces at 8 inches (20cm) wide for the face and the back, and 2 pieces at 6 inches (5cm) wide for the sides. For the top and bottom, 7 ½ (18cm) by 10, leaving an inch over to hang all the way around.

    2) Draw the face and cut

    The design is entirely up to you. I recommend you draw the first eye and then measure it, to copy the second one. Then draw the mouth and start working. Use a drill bit to carve the wood and then cut it with a saw blade. Make sure to secure the wood on the table with some clamps.

    3) Build the lantern

    Use a brad nailer to attach the four pieces of wood together. Then flip it to the side, and add the bottom. Use a ruler to make sure the sides have 1 inch (3 cm) all around. Don’t attach the top yet! We have to do some things before that.

    4) Paint and add the lights

    Spray paint the box. Use orange to copy the colour of pumpkins, of course. You can also take it to the next level and customize it with an engraving pen. Use different bits to add some spooky details to your lantern. Then, put two screws or nails inside the box and hang some Christmas lights from them. Drill a hole in the middle for the tree branch to fit.

    5) Put on the top

    Once everything is in its place, you can attach the top with nails. Put the branch stick inside the hole you drilled, and voilá, you have a fantastic Jack-O-Lantern to decorate your house and welcome All Hallows Eve in the best fashion.


    This tutorial is perfect for setting the scary mood on your home. Have some fun and do some spooktacular crafts for the scariest night of the year. Happy Halloween!!

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