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One of my friends bought a new apartment. It was a little empty and had a lot of space in the walls. Besides, she is not very organized, so she always left little things all over the house like her keys, and ended up losing them. That’s why I decided to make this project to give her as a present, and I have to tell you it wasn’t hard at all!
It’s surprising how much she loved it and how simple it was for me. So I wanted to share how to make these easy DIY hexagon shelves with you! With this tutorial you can make new decor for your home, a new place to leave your keys and rotary tool or a present like I did.


Build Homemade Hexagon Shelf

Things you will need to build the hex shelf:

  • Wood glue
  • One 1x4x12 common pine board (If you want it more wider use 1- 1x6x8)
  • Corner Clamps
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint
  • Turpentine
  • Four Large D-ring Hangers 

Steps for making DIY Honeycomb Shelves

I recommend you to take the time to correctly measure the hexagon shelves, start with one first and see if you like those dimensions. It is not necessary to make more plans than this one. 

1- Cut Your Boards

Cut rectangles in pieces of 5.5″ on the long side. Besides each board of your shelf should be cut at a 30º degree angle in the edges (all in the same side) so when you put them together you can perform the hexagonal shape You can attach a table to your miter saw with a clamp as a guide so that the pieces don't slip. They have to be all at the same measure.

2- Sand The Wood

You can leave the tables without sanding or just give them little time to get a rustic touch. We are looking for something more modern so we use sandpaper to remove splinters.

3- Assemble The Honeycomb Shelf 

Once the boards are smooth, place them next to each other to see if they are properly aligned in the shape of a hexagon. Bring up the Corner clamps and start adding some glue to the edges of the boards.


4- Remove The Remaining Glue And Start Painting

If there are any areas where glue dripped out, sand them down. Or use a flat blade screwdriver because otherwise that part will remain unpainted later. After that, start painting with a newspaper below.

You can paint the honeycomb shelves to decor with white, gold or black to give them a modern style or leave them wood color. They look really nice either way! 


5- How To Hang Your Shelves

Time to look at how cute these honeycomb floating shelves look like hanging in the wall. First, we join them together with glue. And then we add the D-rings in the middle plane where the shelves meet. These rings straddle two shelves each.  If you are hanging them separately you can use sawtooth hangers to hang your shelves.

source: www.wikihow.com

Some of the most commonly asked questions:

Q. What angle do you cut hexagon shelves?

Feel free to use the angle that fits the size of the shelf you are looking for. We recommend 30 degrees on each board for a shelf of this size.

Q. How do you attach a shelf to a hexagon?

For this issue I recommend using wood glue and if the situation allows it the wood clamps or tap. It fits in all situations.

Q. How do you make floating shelves?

To hang your shelf in the wall you should use sawtooth hangers if it's only one, and D-Rings if there are two or more shelves.

Q. Honeycomb shelves creative ideas

They can be used for multiple things and in different sizes. Totally worth it to have one. Try alternating sizes and shapes and BE CREATIVE!


Cat Hexagon Shelves

Essential Oil Shelf

Floating Mirror Shelf

Bookshelf for Storage, Honeycomb


They can be used for multiple things and in different sizes. Totally worth it to have one. Try alternating sizes and shapes and BE CREATIVE!

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