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    Sharpening Stone for Chisels

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    Sharpening Stone for Chisels

    Sharpening Stone for Chisels


    Dull tools won't be a problem no more!

    Carving tools that don’t carve, scissors that don’t cut, and cutters that damage everything

    Forget about that nightmare! 

    Now with the Sharpening Stone, all your tools will be sharpened and ready to work

    Just soak the stone in water, place your tool, and get that samurai sharp!


    Sharpen your tools in less than 2 minutes

    • Double-sided

      To give you the most defined sharp.

    • High Quality

      Made out of the hardest stone.

    • Perfect Angle

      So you won’t struggle to sharpen the tool.

    Product information: 

    1 Fixed angle sharpener

    Material: Aluminum alloy

    1 Sharpener Stone

    Granularity: 1000/6000 (mesh)

    Shape: Rectangle

    Scope of application: all kinds of carving tools

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