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Multi-Purpose Stencils 24 pcs set

Multi-Purpose Stencils 24 pcs set

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Make professional draws without being an expert

Do previous sketches and unique designs that you never thought possible. Just choose one template from the kit and use a pen or pencil to make the guidelines. 

With a lot of unique designs to choose from, this kit is a great ally when we want to turn our DIY projects unique. 

 Easy to use: No previous draw experience required.

 Multi-Purpose: Transfer the patterns into engraving surfaces, make chalk drawings, sponge brush tapping, painting, and more.

Lifetime duration: Built of high-quality polymer.

Eco-Friendly: 100% made of recycled materials.

Reusable: Washable (without effort).

Templates included in the set:

Different kinds of letters, minimalistic symbols, and wave lines.

Multiple flowers. leaf and grass.

Weather, nature, and space figures.


Get yours now and acquire all templates showed at once with this limited offer.

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