Radial Bristle Disc

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Radial Bristle Disc

Radial Bristle Disc


Level up the quality of your artistic projects with 1 Bit

These Culiau's Bristles Disc is superior to sandpaper, wire brush, flap wheels, or other sanders, brushes, or abrasive wheels. 

Suits for deburring, cleaning, blending, finishing, and polishing detailed parts, tiny areas, and rough places with no harm on the surface. 

They are ideal for jewelry making, crafting, metalworking, wood carving, and DIY projects. 

These detail abrasive brushes have good elasticity and are taught to boost your art projects with no limits.

It's like having a lot of tools but all in one! 


Product information: 

Shape: T shape

Material: nylon, diamond

Granularity: 80-2500 (mesh)

Outer diameter: 25(mm)

Shank diameter: 3 or 2.35 (mm)

Specifications: 80#, 120#, 220#, 320#, 400#, 600#, 1000#, 2500#, 2.35mm connecting rod

Size: size 25mm, inner diameter 2mm

Packing list:

Polishing wheel/connecting rod*1 with connection rod included