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Get a $10 Free Gift Card

Get a FREE $10 Culiau Gift Card by sending us

a short video review of Culiau products!

a FREE $10 Culiau Gift Card! 

Culiau will send you a $10 Gift Card to our store in return for just a 20 to 50 seconds video review of our products!

Get started Now:

Follow these simple steps below

1) Grab your smartphone or tabletthat can record video.

2) Record your video review of Culiau Product(Must be 20-50 seconds long)

We suggest you ask a friend or family member to record you.


To qualify for the Gift Card, you Must include the following 3 Elements in your Video

1. Mention our company and product name:Culiau and ProCorner™ - Clamp set.

2. Clearly show Your Face and The Product.

3. Review Both The Product (what are you going to do/built with it and how to use it) and Your Shopping Experience.

3) Email us Your Video (From the same device you recorded it on)

Use the subject line:Video Review Culiau.

4) Get your Free $10 Gift Card

As soon as we recieve your video, we will send you out your

$10 Culiau Gift Card - ON THE SAME DAY!

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