The Best Woodworking Projects For Memorial Day

Memorial day is close so I bring some wooden decorations Ideas to do yourself for the outside or inside of your house. They are very simple and look really great. I'll show you easy woodwork projects for memorial day and teach you how to do them. I included some with tools and some others without.

We make these decorations to remember those who fought bravely for our country, so if you like them you should decorate your house with them too!.


Wood craft Star USA Decoration

The stars represent the 50 states that made up the union, so if you are a patriot it is impossible for you to don’t have one in your house. Let 's do it!

We’ll be needing:

  • 1√ó3 boards but you could use 1√ó2 or even 1√ó4 for a chunkier look
  • 3/4‚Ä≥ finish nails
  • Sandpaper
  • Miter saw
  • Wood glue
  • Brad Nailer

Measurements and Angles To make a Wood Star

For a small star, the sizes would be 5 tables of 10 ‚Öú‚ÄĚ with a 36 degree angle, now cut that piece in two parts one of 5-1/2" and the other one of 4-3/4" at 54 degree angle. If you would like it to be larger, enlarge the measurements proportionally to these, you should have one side shorter and another longer


Join one large piece with a small one with glue and the brad nailer, and then when you have 5 corners start making the shape of the star while you glue it and place the nails.

For the backside of the star, you can place the star over a piece of wood, draw the outline of it, cut the plank and assemble with the star with the brad nailer and some glue.

Paint It

Obviously, we are going to use the colors of the flag for this special day, you can use it on the backside or all over the star.

Do more of them in different sizes for a better decoration to put in the house, Be Creative!

How do you decorate your house on Memorial Day?

 Church Decoration

cross & flag | when nationalism gets the upper hand (artist … | Flickr

For The Cross draw it in a plank wood and paint it red, white and blue for the stars make the cut with a jig saw.

Memorial Day Flag 

For the Flag buy some wood or recycle it and drill two holes one in the horizontal wood and one in the wood that is hanging. Use a wire, and join the woods together. The stars can be made with cardboard and an extra you can add is a key hook.

House Decoration

For the Suitcase just use three thick wood, cut one at the half and place it in the shape of the picture, place the block of wood and paint it all in the colors of our nation.

Memorial Day Table Decoration

Why not paint the table with the shape of the land and colors of our country?

I left this idea here hope you like it

DIY Decorations Ideas

Home Decoration Ideas

The Best Decoration For Memorial Day

All love this decoration, it will look grate wherever you want to place it, hanging in the wall with different sizes. It's simple as it looks first cut a star pattern, then torch all the pieces, glue and nail them into place. Torch the white pieces of the flag, to tone down and give a more warm rustic look to it. Then clear the piece with some semi gloss, so the ash from being torched don't smear. Once dry, draw stars and there you have a woodcraft to decorate in the memorial day.

Frame To Remember Those Who Have Fallen

We have a tutorial where we explain how to do a picture frame step by step. We invite you to draw something being creative and frame it or make it in a smaller size and frame a photo of those you love the most.
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