How to do a Frame for Pictures at Home

Make a frame picture at home step by step with this simple guide that I made for you. If you pay attention to the steps it won't be difficult at all, I promise. I tried to make it as short as possible without setting aside the important parts to build these DIY wood frames.
Hope you like it, let's start


Table saw

Miter saw

Wood router

Measuring tape

Corner Clamps


Cardboard or plywood for the backside


Wood lacquer


Brad nails


Wood glue

Pine Lambers



Steps for the DIY Photo Frame

  • Determine the size of your frame
  • Cut the frame pieces
  • Route de edges of the board
  • Join the pieces together
  • Stain and Paint
  • Join the glass, the paint and the mat together
How much does a picture frame weigh
How much cost to frame a picutre DIY Idea

1- Determine the size of your frame

The dimensions that your painting will have will be determined by the size of your painting and for this the formula that we must do are:

Width=width of picture + (2 x width of mat) + (2 x width of frame) – ¾″


Height= height of picture + (2 x height of mat) + (2 x width of frame) – ¾″


So my top and bottom pieces = width of the picture + 6″ mat + 5″ frame – ¾″

And my side pieces = height of picture + 6″ mat + 5″ frame – ¾″

The wood you should use to build a picture frame is an 8-foot (or more, depends on your picture) select pine lambers 1/2

2- How do you cut wood to make a frame?

For a proper cut of your wood pieces, I’ll recommend building an auxiliary fence for your miter saw. You can make one very simple with one from half-inch plywood and screwed together at 90 degrees. You just need to make sure that the screws are outside the blade path. Most miter saws have holes in the fence to attach an additional fence, use half-inch pan head screws and secure the new fence to the saw. This will help you to make a frame seamlessly.

Place your saw 45 degrees to the left which is the angle in which you should cut your woods. Now make the initial cut into the fence, and then make a series of test cuts to see how well they are lined up. You can check it with this square ruler to make sure that you get it just where you need it.

I started cutting the lumber in half since you can get to 8 by 10 frames from one board next. Make sure the saw is always 45 degrees and the tables have the same length, don’t be afraid to do some marks to remember where you cut and where you have to cut.

3- Route the edges of the board

With a handheld router make a spot for the picture in glass. Use 3/8 of an inch rabbeting bit and set it about half of the depth of the total cut that I wanted. Then made one pass with the router along the length of the one edge of the 1 by 2

I lowered the bit to the full depth of 3/8 of an inch and made another pass to get the full rabbet for the frame. With a rabbet for the frame cut.

4- How do you join a wood frame corner?

Build the frame with some wood glue and tape outside the corners, so you can keep the pieces together while they are drying up. I don’t recommend using this technique because it can move from its place at any time and its a little weak it always needs reinforcement. Instead, the corner clamps will hold secure the corners of your frame they are excellent for this kind of job, they hold the Lambers secure and immovable seamlessly.

5- Stain and Paint

The pine doesn't look really good so you can stain the frame for a dark rich look. I recommend the color espresso and a couple of coats until you get the darkness you want. After letting it dry come back and topped the frame with a spray-on satin lacquer. You can don’t paint it at all and just add some lacquer

6- Final Step Join the glass, the paint, and the mat together

As a sandwich, it would go glass in front, mat board and print in the middle, and backer board on the backside.

The glass, the paint, and in the backside cardboard or plywood and attach it with some “Screws pieces for hanging pictures”. I placed them around the edge of the backside of the frame to hold the image and the back in place.

Add two small eye screws and hang them where you like the most or give them as a present. I'm sure who receives it will be pleased with it.

How much does a picture frame weigh

A framed picture weighs between 7,05oz and 4,4lb. But there are many factors that can influence the weight such as wood, paint, and the material it was painted on, and obviously the size if it is a small picture frame or a big one. So when yo do a photo frame, it can be light as a tablet or heavy as a thermos full of water.

How much does it cost to frame a painting

The cost of framing art will depend if you have the machines to work or not and if you are planning to do several frames or only one. In this last case, it'll be inefficient because you will have left over materials which you paid for only one painting. So I recommend doing a couple of frames or think about what other thing you can do with the extra material. And obviously, if you don't have the machines, the cost of framing art is going to be much higher, so it's not always cheaper to build your own frames. If you are a beginner I don't recommend this work. But if you have the tools go for it!

DIY Frame Ideas


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