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I'm going to teach you how to make an automatic dog feeder DIY but first let me tell you why. In our house, we have a big brown bullmastiff and we used to have a giant bag of dog food (because that animal eats like crazy) in a place like a wardrobe and it was really annoying to have a big bag in the middle every time I went to that room to get the broom or something. So the next step we took was to acquire an individual container made of plastic. So that way we would be able to have the food handly on a shelf and serve it in his bowl when it’s needed.

Anyway, it’s a poor system but it kinda makes the job. Today I got tired of that system cause I had to fill the container too often and I decided to make a dedicated cat and dog food dispenser. I told my wife she loved the idea and make me some space for it so I got to the work.

Spoiler: It turned out very well, it was nice looking and it was very helpful for the job of feeding my pets. So I wanted to share it with you so you can build it at your house.


Table Saw

Miter Saw

Tape Measure

Vix Bits

Corner Clamps

Ratchet Bar Clamps

Pocket holes jig kit

Hand wood trimmer

Carpenter’s Pencil



Wood Cuts









Steps To Do A Homemade Automatic Dog Feeder

1- Cutting Wood Pieces
2- Cutting Wood Pieces
3- Sanding and Front Part
4- The Bottom Door
5- The Top and The Grip
6- Paint It

#1 Cutting Wood Pieces

The sizes of these wood pieces to make the homemade automatic dog feeder must be large enough so the whole bag of food fits inside of it. So using the cuts told above we start marking and cutting our wood with our table saw and miter saw.

Remember to beveled the tops of the middle boards of 12" to 60 degree angles tilting your table saw at 30 degrees. To complete the final shape grab two scraps and cut two lengths of 3 inches for the bottom of it and then also put a sixty degree bevel on the edge. To make the back grab some half-inch plywood and then place the shape on top of it and trace around it and with a jigsaw cut it out.


#2 Join The Wood Pieces Together

Glue the joints together using a combination of nails and screws. For this step first, apply some wood glue at the board edges, clamp the pieces with the Procorner, or whatever you see practicable, and drive 2 screws to each joint. To keep your drill bit from walking around on start the bit off it straight and then angle the drill to go in at an angle.

For the back of the DIY automatic dog feeder drill some pocket holes with your jig kit from the inside of the previously glued shape and then attach with them the back to it. Before attaching all together make sure that the bottom and the top are the same measurements.

ProCorner™ - Clamp set (4pcs) + FREE 60° & 120° heads


#3 Sanding and Front Part

Flip it over and use a palm router to square it all up and sand the edges. Made a front cover with 1/4 plywood using the same steps as with the back, tracing it out, doing a rough cut, and use a nail gun to attach it. With a flush-trim bit just give everything a good sanding. This DIY pet feeder station is going to look great!


#4 The Bottom Door

For the bottom of our diy elevated feeder for pets do some 3/8″ dado running the board through your table saw 3 or 4 times. Then mount them with the hole looking the center, attach it with nails or screws, and glue so the dog food doesn’t pour out when you try to close it. After this cut a quarter-inch piece of wood to make a sliding door that opens and closes and fits into the previous hole we left. Add a handle to it with some glue.


#5 The Top and The Grip

Cut a top to size from 3/4″ wood and then place a piano hinge between the top and the diy dog feeding station. Make some marks on the wood at the edges of the hinge and use the vix bits to drive the screws into it, leaving the hinge accurately placed for your door.

You can use vix bits for this job that are self-centering drill bits. They are used for hinge setting, drilling accurate the screw into the wood. The hinge will not move out of place when the wood starts to shake. Or if you don’t like the easy way you can go with screws, getting the hole started with a drill and then manually with a screwdriver finish the job.

To make it a wall mounted dog feeder we are going to use a “french cleat system” to hang it. To do a french cleat tilt the table saw to a 45-degree angle, draw a line where you are cutting your board, and start the process. With a hand plane, you can smooth the wood that is left. Mount the french cleat right to the food container at the top with screws at the sides, and add a piece of board of the same thickness on the bottom to keep the offset even. The other board that left when we did the cut will be attached to the wall so that they fit together when we place the elevated dog feeder with storage.


#6 Paint It

Finally, painting is to add some primer, filler, and a coat of paint. You can be creative and do some drawings of dog or cat paws, and a bowl or whatever you like. This project could be a diy cat feeder too! Just make sure you have many cats or do it smaller.

And that will be all. It could be better but it saves me from having to hold a 25 lb bag of dog food while trying to pour it into a small container. I charge it once and it takes me several weeks to reload it, now I can feed the bull without getting complications.

Also, I realize writing this post that you can add a PVC pipe to this project so the food falls directly into the bowl. Just like this:


With a PVC pipe


DIY Elevated Dog Bowl

Next Wood Project


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Also, making this wood project I discovered new projects ideas for pets like making a nice looking DIY elevated dog bowl. Also, let me know in the comments if you want me to show you how to do it. 

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These are great ideas. Thanks for sharing them. I’m looking forward to making some of these projects.


I am going to attempt the automatic feeder for my 5 outside cats. I found ratchet bar clamps in my husband’s asst. box of tools and had no clue what they were. Wonder what other building tools are in the garage waiting for me to find? Ha!


Must have a video to understand how it works.
Where to put the pipe , how the food goes in and out and how to have the right amount of food every time.


You could get really slick, and add an Arduino controller with a servo so it can feed automatically


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