Warning: 5 Crucial Facts You Must Know Before Buying a Wood Burning Pen

It does not matter if you are a professional pyrographer or a beginner; we know how difficult it is to find the right tool.
That is why we bring you this analysis to help you find the wood burning pen that best suits your needs.

What to look for before buying a wood burning pen?

Quality: cheap is expensive; that's a rule of life. Before buying, ensure your purchase is made with good materials and look for product reviews.

Comfort: Keep in mind that pyrography is an activity that requires time, so the tool you use must be comfortable, as this will affect your performance when creating.
Intended Use: It is not the same if you want to create art or make a gift to a friend with it, as if you want to create a pyrography business. There are different models and specialized kits for more demanding jobs.
Budget: the market is full of options so you can get dizzy in the search process; we recommend you start by defining an approximate budget of how much you would like to invest in this tool and then analyze which options fit the use you want to give it.
Accessories: many burning pens only include a tip and that could get boring. Can you imagine drawing with a single shape?
That is why the pen you buy must have a variety of headsets so that you can exploit your creativity to the fullest.
Now. What do we recommend to you?

Features of Woodburning Pen

Burn like a pro
The power and finesse of this tool will let you unleash your full potential.With his ergonomic design and ultra light-weight technology, you can feel free to capture anything you imagine in your canvas.
Universal charge port
Forget about running out of battery and having to wait to return home to recharge. Our pyrography pen includes a USB port to take it wherever you want and charge it easily.
SImple and portable
Do not complicate your life with big and unpractical tools; this is all you need to make things easier.
True burning power
With this pyrography tool, you can work over any wood in a matter of minutes, just sand your surface and start creating.
No skills Required
We offer you a wood-burning kit that adapts to any need, from beginners to professionals who can carry out their activities in the best way. There's no need to buy extra parts or adapters; they have included everything you need to start immediately.

What materials can I use my burner pen on?

Although wood is the most popular surface; pyrography is not limited only to wood. With our burning pen, you can choose different materials to wood burn your designs.
  • Leather
  • Gourds
  • Ceramic
  • Bark
  • Paper
  • Cork

What makes this wood-burning pen superior?

Work Wireless
No more cables interrupting your workspace; once the burning pen is charged, you will be able to use it in places you couldn't before, without getting your hand tired.

Stand and headsets included
We know your time is important, so we help you make it as efficient as possible. With your burning pen purchase, we incorporate the whole kit with its stand, four different headsets, and their anti-scalding covers.

Minimalist Style
Be the center of attention of your colleagues with the innovative and elegant design of our burning pen. Available in Space Gray color, so you don't lose sight of it.

Customer Service
We give you access to our special customer service support@culiau.com so you can get your questions answered and who knows, maybe in a feature become part of our content creator community.

How to wood burn in 5 steps

As simple as drawing, take the required precautions for your protection and start burning. With time you can get a professional level, but first you can start with a complete beginner guide on how to wood burn.

1. Find and prepare your wood.

2. Choose and transfer your design.

3. Set up your tool.

4. Outline and fill in your artwork.

5. Fix imperfections.

Source: @ave_burnt_impressions

Some tips for wood burning:

  • Press lightly: For a better result, do not press too hard; this could damage your art and the tool. Vary the pressure you put to achieve a different effect on the wood
  • Start with simple designs: if you are just starting, do not try to do too complex projects. At first look for simple models to improve your skill.
  • Be careful with children and pets: never leave your burning pen unattended if there are little ones in the house; it is dangerous and can cause unwanted situations.
  • Use the stand: do not put the pencil on the wood; it could ruin your project; always use a stand to keep your workspace in order and maintain a controlled environment.
  • Choose a suitable surface: keep in mind that there are softer and harder types of wood; these characteristics will completely change the way you will have to use the pen, so select your material wisely. Find out which is the best wood for pyrography.
  • Practice makes a master: the best way to improve is by doing, so give yourself time, do your best and see how you will become much better sooner than you expect.

Safety gear for wood burning

Try to do wood burning outdoors, as the smoke may not be good for your lungs. If this is not possible, use a fan near your workspace to keep the smoke away from your nose.
Another good recommendation is to wear a mask to avoid the dust and particles the wood gives off.
Remember that the pencil heats up to very high temperatures, so wearing a pair of gloves would not be a bad idea.
The product was designed to help improve grip and handling, but if you hands sweat easily, you can go for non-slip gloves.
Last but not least, did you know that there is toxic wood? Be very careful with this because the smoke could cause you harm.

Importance of cleaning the tools

The more wood you burn, the more carbon will remain around the tip of your woodburning pen.
That is why it is necessary to do a deep cleaning when you feel that your pen is starting to burn slower or if is not working as it should.
We recommend using a honing cleaning cloth right after you stop using your tool so that the carbon doesn't have time to soak in.
If you want to improve the result or make it easier, you can add a little aluminum oxide powder to help you remove the carbon more easily.


  • Does the product have a guarantee?
Yes, of course! With the purchase of your woodburning kit, we offer you a 60-day guarantee for your peace of mind. 
  • My tips/nibs aren't burning as well as they used to.
This is probably due to the need to clean the tips; always remember to heat it for 3 minutes before starting to burn.
  • What can I use to take care of my art after I burn?
We recommend using lacquer and applying it with a brush; let it dry well before you apply color to your burn. You should also remember that the color may change a little after applying the sealant. You can try different options depending on whether you want a matte or glossier result.
  • Can I burn painted wood?
It is not a good idea; it would be like burning paint; this process releases toxins that can cause anything from headaches to intoxication. So… we do not recommend doing it.
  • What is the best way to transfer the template to the wood?
Graphite paper is the most used way, just trace it directly onto the wood.
  • Can I use my wood-burning pen to solder?
It is possible that if you try it, it will work, but the product is not designed for that; you may not get the desired results, and it could even damage the tips of the pen.
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